About us

Over the years it has been laid down in the history that it is people who makes and breaks an
organization. The key to success of any organizational excellence has been its people and thus they
spend considerable amount of time, effort and cost to ensure the well being and the growth of their
resources. GRIP originated from the best of HR minds in the industry who felt that there was a definite
need to infuse radical thinking in the field of HR. It is a given that there is no dearth of talent in the
industry but it is also important to understand that organizations strives for excellence, and excellence
can only be achieved with applicability and relevance. The minds who are part of this radical, thought
provoking organization are always thinking how to improve the client experience and satisfaction. GRIP
brings in decades of experience in the human resource field blending with professionalism and
business centricity. GRIP creates radical learning solutions which will help the generation of the past
and future create history with their excellence and skills. In GRIP we are a bunch of young energetic,
dynamic, thought provoking creative minds who has the constant endeavor to innovate human
resources and make it profitable for business.