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ICAN is a signature program brought to you by GRIP Consulting where we develop Amazing trainers. Its a 5 weeks, 2 hours every week Online Course with exhaustive lesson plan to prepare you to become the next Amazing Trainer.

ICAN is not a standard train the trainer program. The Program is designed for people who want to start their career as a trainer and also for existing trainer and facilitators. 

Why we are different ?

ICAN is not just like any other Train the Trainer Program as here we help participants sharpen their facilitation skills and also help them to sell their program both online and offline. We also cover various techniques of how you can conduct your session online with lot of exercises and energizers. 

Free Stuff worth INR 49351/-

  1. 150+ Energizers/Icebreakers pack
  2. 50+ Communication Exercises
  3. 100+ Games and Activity Pack
  4. 30+ PDF Books
  5. 25+ Video Links
  6. 1 personal online coaching session
  7. Live Training Opportunity
  8. Life Time Pass for all ICAN Programs 
  9. Online Certificate

Course Price INR 4667 

Offer Price INR 2947

The Course Overview

Day 1 : 

Finding the Why 

  • Goal Setting 
  • Tools to Engage Audience Online and Offline 
  • Story Telling Basics
  • Building Content Basics
  • Techniques to create a wow impact

Day 2 

Content is the King

  • Building Content Structure
  • The ADDIE Way 
  • Blooms Taxonomy 
  • Betari Box Model
  • Simple Power Point Techniques to create amazing presentations
  • Managing Time

Day 3 

Delivery is the Queen 

  • Let your stories Sell
  • Delivery Technique to create impact
  • Reticular Activating Systems 
  • Energizers and Activities ( Online and Offline )
  • Learning Styles 
  • Managing the Audience 

Day 4 

Build Your Network 

  • The Art of Networking
  • The Strategies of Networking 
  • The 7/24/30 Model
  • Power of Words
  • Understanding Buyers Market 
  • The Selling  Mindset
  • Zoom techniques

Day 5 

Create a Profile to Sell

  • Creating a Trainers Profile
  • Social Media Insights 
  • Digital Marketing techniques basics 
  • Social Media Influencer 
  • Video Making Techniques
  • Certification 




What our participants say about ICAN ?


Abhirup Banerjee

Certified Life Coach , Trainer Coach , NLP  Practitioner 

Co-Author : Achievers Playbook

20+ Years of Experience in Building Organizations , Training and Development. Have been instrumentation in creating 100+ amazing trainers across India. Serial Entrepreneur and founder of GRIP Consulting, Nynedge Corporation , Sweethandietc. Featured in various media houses like ET Now, Red FM etc.

Partha Chakraborty

Certified Corporate Trainer , NLP Practitioner, Trainer Coach 

20+ years of experience in Learning and Development. Have been expert in delivery and content and instrumental in creating 150+ amazing trainers. Has trained over 40 thousand professionals and has headed training functions of various organizations.  A behavioral training expert and leadership trainer. Featured in various regional and national magazines.



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Course Price INR 4667
Offer Price INR 2947



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Being a Trainer is not enough , Being a Trainer that is known makes much more sense


Let your journey towards a KNOWN trainer start today



We deliver what we promised and we promised all our ICAN participants that we will provide that a Launchpad to showcase themselves and here we are presenting the first ever ICAN Launchpad Series.