People Strategy

People Strategy Solutions

GRIP Consulting provides employers with people strategy solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. We help organizations large and small establish, out-source and troubleshoot any and all essential Human Resource functions.

At GRIP Consulting our prime role is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization. Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication and employee morale.

GRIP Consulting believes that human resources as a function is a revenue-generating function and thus the people development solutions provided by GRIP Consulting are revenue driven with measurable results.

People Development Solutions includes the formulation of the strategy, implementation of the processes, framework, and strategy as well as educating the employees regarding how each aspect would help them to work better.

GRIP Consulting provides following solutions but not restricted to the below:

Performance Management System

  • Create Job descriptions and KRA’s
  • Create Goal Setting Framework
  • Conduct Goal Setting exercise.
  • Create Review and Assessment guideline
  • PIP policy and process.
  • Managerial excellence workshop (Includes Train the trainer)
  • Effective Feedback
  • Managing performance and Productivity
  • Managing workplace conflicts and corrective actions


HR Communication and Policies

  • Modifying offer letters and other related contract letters
  • Create HR Communication templates
  • Create a diversity and equal opportunity employer policy
  • Create a grievance address system and protocol
  • Create a POSH committee
  • POSH Training for employees (basic level)
  • Leave Process and Policy
  • Rewards and Recognition Policy
  • Create Employee Handbook

Compensation and Incentive Structure

  • Redefine the Salary structure
  • Pay for Performance
  • Create incentive structure

Talent Management

  • Create competency model
  • Identify key competencies
  • Build the competency framework
  • Competency Mapping
  • Retention Strategy and policy

Building a Learning Organization/ Create a Learning Culture

  • Create organizational learning framework
  • Create IDP framework
  • Create a support framework for employees to share ideas and perspectives
  • Incentivize learning – Make an incentive structure for learning
  • Initiate mentoring program
  • Create metrics to evaluate learning and link to performance
  • Develop a knowledge incubator


Management Development

  • BBI ( Behavioral Based Interview) – Hire the right people
  • Building Change adaptability
  • Identify Career and Growth Drivers
  • Build Emotional Quotient
  • Talent Identification with respect to competencies
  • Retention strategy for key talents
  • Management Development workshops and program

Organization Structuring

  • Create Organization Structure
  • Manage Spans and Layers
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Path