The Power and The Point

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We welcome you to this amazing workshop on Power Point Presentation skills. It is said that if you don’t have a power and the point then you use power point presentation. We believe its an excellent tool to engage audience. There are lot of things one can do in Power Point and an impactful presentation helps you to enthrall the audience.

Course Overview

In the 2 hours you will learn the following :

1.How to make impactful presentations.

2. Learn practical skills of various tools you can use in Power Point.

3. 30+ interesting easy techniques to make your presentations unique, creative and beautiful.

4.How to create a story in power point.

5. Hands on practical skills , live demonstrations

30 + Techniques to be covered in 2 hours

You will also receive a certificate of completion

Our Trainer

Partha Chakraborty

Certified Corporate Trainer , Sales Coach , NLP Practitioner

Certified Corporate Trainer with 20+ experience and have worked in many senior positions and have created masterful presentations.

This will be an online 2 hour session over Zoom , you can attend from anywhere , at your convenience. We will also provide a Certificate of Completion.

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