Training Solution


“The Bench” is for those who are waiting in the sidelines to jump into the corporate world to play the game. These interventions are carefully designed to suit for those young aspirants who are dynamic, energized and has a lot of fire waiting to explode in the arena. The interventions give directions, pathways, trump cards, tricks and EQ handling skills to play well and play fair in the corporate field.

Experiential Learning

There are training, there are powerpoint presentations, there is a menu, and a venue and the tick in the checkbox and there is EXPERIENCE. GRIP Consulting offers a number of workshops where we help the participants experience the learning and just not make it a good to have or a tick in the checkbox. The following interventions are delivered through experiential learning:

  • Customer Engagement, People Enablement, Rapport Building
  • Sales Enablement, Objection Handling, Negotiation
  • Leadership development, succession planning, situational leadership
  • Behavioral Interventions (Assertiveness, Perception Management, Conflict Management, People Skills, Relationship Management, etc.)
  • Belief Change, Motivation, Build Self Esteem
  • Increase Productivity, Build Ownership NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming) workshops

Why GRIP Consulting?

  • GRIP uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and coaching techniques to help individuals make the shift at the subconscious level irrespective of the background of the individual.
  • GRIP tends to address the problems at levels of beliefs and identity as it has been generally observed that changes in the environment, behavior, and capabilities are short term and short lived. It is important to bring in change at the belief and identity level to see considerable change in a behavior.
  • GRIP interventions are fully customized & there is no need for a minimum number of participants;
  • GRIP can provide interventions for as few as 4 participants to a maximum of 25 participants in one session.
  • GRIP workshops consist of experiential learnings which are full of role plays, audio-visual aids, activities, metaphors, a dramatization of real-life situations, affirmation, etc.